Data is one of the most important assets of organizations. Given that fact, having a subpar level of cybersecurity can put your business at risk. What should you do in this case?

We all know that breaches happening in networks usually come through endpoints. To be proactive in terms of security, you need to implement an enhanced endpoint security malware protection. This will boost your defenses against dangerous threats across your system.


Endpoint security may be in the same realm as antivirus or firewalls, but there are differences between each. For instance, firewalls only filter incoming and outgoing traffic. Meanwhile, enhanced endpoint security takes care of everything.

Some of the endpoint devices that companies use are desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, servers, smart watches, Internet-of-things (IoT) devices, and printers.

Each of these devices connected to your network can be a vulnerable point of entry for cybercriminals. The exposure of endpoints to a variety of threats including viruses, malware, and brute force attacks allow criminals to access vital data.

Enhanced endpoint security malware protection can secure every nook and cranny of your network. It prevents, detects, and protects you against threats. It also helps your team determine the causes of breaches and take action to fend off intrusions.

Enhanced Endpoint Security Malware Protection

The Value of Enhanced Endpoint Security Malware Protection

One of the features of enhanced endpoint security is malware protection. It works to prevent malware from infecting your devices.

With different kinds of viruses lurking the web, one critical issue for organizations is to ensure a robust protection against malware. Aside from this, they must also comply with regulatory requirements, and in order to do so, they need to run security software.

Enhanced endpoint security protects users when surfing the web or connecting devices. It also offers layered protection, which involves antispyware, email inbox protection, host-based firewalls, data loss prevention, and alerts when visiting malicious websites. Endpoint security can shield you against zero-day threats and other unknown exploits.

The good thing about this is it has multiple functionalities within a single platform. Its in-depth defense uses a cohesive method to stop malware or any potential attacks. This makes it difficult for threats to make its way to your network as compared to having only a single layer of protection.

How Endpoint Security Can Benefit Your Business?

When deploying a cybersecurity strategy, remember to include an endpoint protection system. In addition to having a disaster recovery plan in place, endpoint security can keep an eye on your business’ critical assets.

Here are some of the advantages provided by enhanced endpoint security malware protection.


The first layer of defense in your cybersecurity strategy should be resisting any malicious threats from attacking your endpoints. Your business must have a firewall and malware protection installed to protect users especially when they’re online.

With an enhanced endpoint security malware protection in place, viruses will struggle to gain entry into your network.

This tool can also proactively monitor your network and devices, making sure that the health of your system is at an optimum level.

Downtime Decreases

A downtime outage can be extremely costly to your company. Once your network is broken into, you need to spend more time fighting malwares. This prevents you from providing uninterrupted service to your customers.

The loss of data from your server may cause your reputation and finances to suffer, especially if the outage lasts for a long period. A proactive endpoint security solution will protect your devices and help you avoid data breaches from happening.

Looking for Unpatched Devices

Cybercriminals search for unpatched endpoints to access their main target. Some companies have endpoints that are not updated and it takes time for each patch to be installed.

With an endpoint protection, your IT team can easily find unpatched devices before hackers exploit them. They can also patch devices so your employees’ workflow won’t be interrupted.

Simplified Cybersecurity

Overloading your endpoints with multiple layers of protection may appear to reduce the risk of a breach, but it can actually create more vulnerabilities. It would be better to have only a few, powerful ones on board. Choose a more comprehensive endpoint security software.

Final Thoughts

By obtaining an enhanced endpoint security malware protection, your company will be able to guard all of its entry points. Aside from fending off cyber threats, it also prevents malware from accessing your company’s network.

Comodo provides the best IT network protection, giving your organization peace of mind. Contact our security experts now to get started!

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