Endpoint devices have now become one of the most common targets of cyber attackers. It requires more than the typical anti-virus and anti-malware software. It also calls for a solution like endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices.

EDR: Defined

Endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR) is also known as endpoint detection and response (EDR). It is designed to scope out and react to suspicious activities in laptops, smartphones, and desktops. It also deeply investigates such activities through continuous monitoring and quick response.

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Tools

Importance of EDR

The increasing use of mobile devices and the growing trend of remote work make endpoints vulnerable to attacks. These usually include fileless malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), phishing, and more.

They need more protection than what Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), anti-malware, and anti-virus solutions can provide. It is when endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices come in.

EDR involves developing a baseline behavior. It also requires analysis of any behavioral changes and investigation.

A good EDR solution sends real-time alerts every time it detects a sign of an attack. It also puts the security team into action before the attack becomes a full-blown security incident.

How EDR Works?

Endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices work by keeping track of all the endpoints and network activities. These also entail proper documentation of information gathered. Analytic tools monitor and pinpoint suspicious activities. They also determine which tasks can help in responding to both external and internal attacks.

If the system finds behavior anomalies, EDR isolates the infected machines, then notify system administrators. It will then eliminate the cyber threats before they take down your system.

With good endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices, you can expect advanced protection from threats, such as malware and ransomware. These threats would have gone unnoticed for weeks without EDR’s advanced capabilities.

How EDR Can Benefit You?

There are lots of reasons why you should invest in an EDR solution, including the following:

1. Advanced threat detection

One of the biggest benefits of using EDR is quickly detecting threats that other security solutions might have missed. Endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices are used to fight insider threats, zero-day attacks, phishing, hacking campaigns, and similar threats.

2. Deep visibility

EDR solutions can go as deep as the endpoint’s inner workings. It analyzes user behavior, interaction with networks, and device processes. Given EDR’s integration into the system, it can get a good picture of your overall cyber health. It can also establish patterns across endpoints and point out those that strayed from those patterns. Everything is visible, thanks to EDR solutions.

3. Easy integration and automation

Endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices can be installed across all devices. It allows for easy investigation, more visibility, and fast response at this scale.

4. Streamlined incident response

Data collected from your system contributes to a more effective threat response. It is in contrast to past responses that involve collecting sizable evidence of an attack first. Existing EDR solutions now gather and store data as part of their routine operation.

It helps that EDRs store data in a centralized database and keep it there for a long time. As a result, it shows the security team the bigger picture of an attack.

EDR Best Practices

You can optimize the use of EDR if you observe the following endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices:

1. Use human security analysts

EDR solutions work fast as they analyze thousands to millions of files. It often leads to false positives, which you can avoid if you have human analysts. You might have to bear the brunt of a high analyst salary, but it’s going to be worth it.

2. Choose the right EDR

Do your homework in comparing different EDR solutions from different vendors. Ultimately, it should boil down to what you need. These requirements might include easy integration with your existing applications and operating systems.

3. Invest in EDR as a supplementary solution

EDR solutions only watch the endpoints. They might not raise the alarm if a user logs in using the right credentials. However, they kick into action once they detect logins from different locations within a short period. EDR solutions flag what appears to be a harmless activity if it deviates from routine behavior within your system.

The use of endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices has its limits, too. It only detects a certain type of suspicious activity, so you should use it with other cybersecurity solutions.

Looking for an EDR solution?

Comodo offers value to our customers who need a reliable EDR solution.

What can you expect from Comodo’s EDR offer? We can give you granular endpoint detection, intelligent file analysis, attack chain visualization, and SIEM integration. What makes our solution even more trustworthy is our expert human analysis for sophisticated threats.

Are you ready to make full use of endpoint threat detection and response tools and practices? Contact us today to request a demo, and we will be more than happy to show you how EDR works.

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