In the world we’re living in today, traditional antivirus is no match to the ever-evolving cyberattacks that target companies of all sizes. According to Ponemon Institute, 57% of data breaches occur as hackers exploit unpatched software. Meanwhile, 34% of those respondents already knew about their vulnerabilities before being even attacked.

While they can use software patches, security and IT teams often lack the knowledge or resources to keep up with them. That said, you need endpoint protection companies to guard your devices, data, and applications.

Endpoint protection protects desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other access points to a network. These devices can be prone to malicious attacks that compromise your valuable data.

Endpoint protection companies have been gaining recognition for changing the cybersecurity landscape.

Here are some endpoint protection companies that rule the market.

Currently, it is one of the best cybersecurity platforms that delivers antivirus, internet security, and website security. Endpoint protection companies aim to protect businesses, schools, and other organizations to combat the risks present on the internet today.

Top 5 Endpoint Protection Companies

Xcitium Endpoint Protection Companies Security Solutions

The first on our list of endpoint protection companies is Xcitium Security Solutions. It was founded in 1998, with its headquarter located in New Jersey, U.S.

Currently, it is one of the best cybersecurity platforms that delivers antivirus, internet security, and website security. It aims to protect businesses, schools, and other organizations to combat the risks present on the internet today.

Endpoint Protection Companies

Xcitium team is situated all over the globe, and its threat intelligence laboratories can protect the company’s endpoints and network perimeters.

Many companies depend on Xcitium's technology to secure their most essential asset and fight off threats that wreak havoc.

With the partnership of machine learning and human expert analysis, its EDR software gives you a verdict about the anomalies it detects. It also consistently monitors all behaviors to identify any harmful actions.

Carbon Black

This company is one of the top creators of next-generation endpoint protection. With its innovative capabilities, the company has led the creation of cybersecurity protection. It includes various endpoint protection software, application control, and next-gen antivirus.

Its advanced threat hunting and incident response tool provides complete visibility to security teams. It works through the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, a platform that brings together security in the cloud using an agent, console, and dataset.

With the help of data collected and sent to the cloud, the EDR software enables you to see an accurate picture of attacks, trimming the time you spend in investigations. It allows you to hunt for threats proactively, block suspicious behaviors, and address defenses in loopholes. It can also remediate issues in real-time so that you can avoid downtime.

FireEye Inc.

FireEye is a security solutions company that offers malware protection systems, endpoint protection, and next-generation threat prevention. Its key capabilities include web, email, file security, and malware analysis.

Using a unified platform, it integrates security technologies and threat intelligence. It can detect where an attack occurred and where it is spreading.

It operates in three main divisions, including:

  • Product & Related Subscription & Support
  • Cloud Subscription & Managed Services
  • Professional Services

Its endpoint protection solution boasts extensive scanning options, including behavioral analysis and cyber forensics. It also uses a signature-based endpoint protection platform to prevent common malware.

Check Endpoint Protection Companies Software Technologies Ltd

Check Point Software also performs well among this list of endpoint protection companies. It develops, markets, and supports various information (IT) technologies like software and hardware products.

It offers network and gateway security solutions and endpoint protection with the following features:

  • unified threat management
  • security management
  • firewall
  • advanced threat prevention
  • remote access VPN
  • security compliance

Checkpoint’s endpoint protection can secure you against the most imminent threats; It also does complete remediation even when offline.

McAfee LLC

McAfee is one of the well-known endpoint protection vendors. Founded in 1987, this California-based company has cutting-edge cybersecurity prowess. It offers advanced security solutions to businesses, enterprises, and organizations.

The tools they provide are data loss prevention, mobile security, encryption, endpoint protection, intrusion prevention system, identity & access management, and enterprise security services.

McAfee EDR analyzes threats’ behaviors using machine learning and reverses malicious actions to continue system and user productivity. Its centralized administration can make it easy for you to monitor your network. It is an excellent choice for multifaceted cyber risk prevention.

Final Thoughts on Endpoint Protection Companies

With remote work becoming common, you need strong endpoint protection companies to support you. They strengthen organizations’ cybersecurity strategies by offering you effective security solutions that keep both enterprises and remote workers safe from cyber threats.

The goal of EDR is to pick up where detection-based, reactive cyber defense left off. It provides security analysts with the tools they need to identify threats proactively.

Manage cybersecurity risks using Xcitium, the best endpoint protection in 2021. Contact us to know more information.

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