Organizations these days are more flexible when it comes to what devices their employees use for work-related tasks. They now allow some tasks to be completed on mobile devices. Emails can be accessed through smartphones, while documents can be reviewed on tablets. But these changes also made way for new risks, some of which can be screened through endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10.

The work landscape is changing. A good example would be the increase of remote work during the pandemic. However, this setup makes organizations more exposed to cybercriminals. More of them now use endpoints to stage an attack. Knowing the challenges with endpoint security will help you find effective solutions.

Endpoint Security Challenges: Proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT)

The use of IoT is only expected to grow in the years to come, increasing organizations’ risks. These smart devices are convenient for users like you. However, they make cybersecurity an uphill battle for the security team. It is because these devices are more vulnerable to phishing, ransomware, firmware, and crypto-jacking.

IoT manufacturers are often unprepared to equip smart devices with security features. Those that do incorporate cybersecurity protections often lack patch management. Due to the sheer number of smart endpoints businesses use, the security team might no longer be able to monitor all. Again, an endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 will come in handy.

Endpoint Compliance Scanner Windows 10

An endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 checks the devices’ integrity before allowing them to connect with your network. It checks three things. It verifies if the device has been patched, scanned by the latest spyware and antivirus software, and has a host firewall. Endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 helps organizations manage their compliance responsibilities. They know how to apply GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, or PCI DSS standards in checking endpoints.

Some organizations also combine the endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 with endpoint detection and response (EDR). EDR is a cybersecurity solution that monitors and gathers data from endpoints. It then analyzes the data to find suspicious activities. It responds to threats by removing, containing, or notifying the security team. EDR uses analytic and forensic tools to learn more about the threats and search for similar risks.

Endpoint Security Challenges: More Aggressive Ransomware Attacks

IoT ransomware can get pretty dangerous. Unknown to many, the danger occurs when hackers know how to time an attack to get a ransom. They could lock your endpoints to turn off power grids, stop cars, or halt production lines. Their potential damage can affect the world beyond the data in your computers. Hackers can force the hand of their victims to pay due to the critical timing of the attack.

Ransomware is an even bigger threat to organizations that rely on IoT endpoints to operate. Before ransomware causes a lot of damage in your organization, use an endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 and EDR.

Endpoint Security Challenges: New Malware

As cybersecurity technology evolves, so does malware. Some malware might even evade the trickiest detection tools you have.

The latest innovation in malware comes in the form of fileless malware. This malicious file depends on native processes to run itself in an endpoint. Since it is not contained in any software, traditional detection tools might miss it. But an endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 might not.

The endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 can monitor a device’s activities and user behavior. When something is amiss compared to the baseline behavior, it can impose authentication. It is also when EDR should come into the picture.

Lacking Endpoint Security Policies

Some organizations may not prioritize cybersecurity as much as other organizations do. They might think they are safe from cybercriminals. However, being proactive means reducing the damage of a potential attack. It helps put in place regular patching of all endpoints connected to the network.

Another proactive security measure is to assess the organization’s threat landscape. Once done, you should give more attention to the most vulnerable. Without proper assessment, an undetected breach might cost you millions of dollars and your customers’ trust. Preventing it should be a priority. It is why investing in an endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10 and a reliable EDR makes sense.

Not Enough Physical Device Security

Beyond securing the data in your endpoints, you should also ensure your devices’ physical security. Mobile devices can get easily stolen. It could lead to a data breach, especially if these endpoints don’t have encryption and two-factor authentication. On top of your EDR and endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10, physical security is also a critical factor in protecting confidential data.

How Xcitium Can Help Your Endpoint Security Challenges?

Are you looking for a dependable provider of EDR, endpoint compliance scanner Windows 10, and similar solutions? Xcitium can help you find what you need with our endpoint protection solutions.

Xcitium’s EDR can analyze your environment in real-time to establish base-event and detect deviations from them. Only then can we find the threat. It can provide early warning, monitor malicious processes, and detect file less threats.

It can also make a verdict about unknown executables, provide real-time alerts, use threat behavior analytics, and rely on expert human analysis. If you are interested, contact Xcitium today to request a demo!

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