In the EDR server, A company's most sensitive data is usually well-secured on internal servers. Experts would use encryption to protect the data and place them behind the firewall. But, an external attack often starts from the endpoint EDR, and things can worsen if not solved quickly. Because of that, there is a need to deploy an EDR Server for every network.

Endpoint Detection and Response Server analyze various threats within an endpoint. Unlike most tools, it has advanced detection abilities that can help identify unknown threats within the network. It also has investigation and response capabilities which reduces the risk of future attacks using EDR.

Below are some other reasons why an organization needs to deploy an EDR server.

1. Clear View of your Organization's Overall Cybersecurity Strength Using an EDR Server

Are your organization's endpoints secure right now? Well, lack of visibility is one of the reasons why some companies would struggle when it comes to EDR security. For example, your company might struggle to find unknown threats or view what happens inside the endpoint if you are not using EDR.

That is a severe issue since lack of visibility also means falling into a false sense of EDR security. You might have thought that your endpoints are safe, but they are not. As such, getting a clear view of your organization's security strength can help in the EDR:

  • determining areas that are vulnerable to attacks
  • identifying whether an attack has infiltrated any sensitive data
  • providing additional insights unlike other tools
Endpoint Detection Response

And you can do so by deploying an EDR server for all of your organization's endpoints. With this, you can get a clear view of the overall security strength and plan according to the information you've gathered.

2. Detect the Unknown Unknowns Threat within the Network

There are four types of EDR cybersecurity threats. One of them is the Unknown Unknowns threat, the most dangerous type of threat that a company may encounter. Why? This threat is usually unnoticed when scanned with an ordinary security tool so better to use EDR.

However, has advanced EDR detection, investigation, and response capabilities. It can detect even the Unknown Unknowns threat within the endpoint.

The process involves searching for IOCs or indicators of compromise, a fast method to hunt for threats. After that, the EDR Server would provide a list of suspicious activities. EDR experts can then use this data and analyze it to identify the Unknown Unknowns threat. This procedure also makes it easier for a company to prioritize and focus on the crucial aspects of using EDR.

3. Ability to Implement a Proactive Cybersecurity Approach

Did you know? One reason a company may struggle when it comes to security is that they are taking a reactive approach. Meaning EDR will only focus on resolving the situation as quickly as possible once they detect the threat. But, an EDR Server can solve this issue since it offers a proactive approach to threat detection.

With a proactive cybersecurity approach, a company can respond faster to potential threats of EDR. That is because the proactive approach involves planning ahead of time. Meaning, the security teams already understand what to do if an attack happens on the endpoint. EDR servers can also reverse an action quickly in case someone blocks a file unintentionally.

Analyze How the Attack Happened and Plan Better for the Next Time

Another reason why your company would need an EDR Server is to analyze how an attack happened. Remember, no one would be able to solve a problem without finding out its root cause. Thankfully, EDR Servers can provide you with a visual representation of the threat and identify how the attack started. EDR can also give you information about the attacker's whereabouts.

EDR additionally, it can also prevent the attack from happening in the future. You would be able to devise strategies with the data provided by the EDR Server. Threats are inevitable, but an EDR Server can help you understand what happened and plan better for the next time.

Train Employees and Allow Them to Gain Expertise

Finding a qualified cybersecurity expert can be challenging. But, it isn't a reason not to implement an EDR Server for your organization. In fact, now is the best time to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity to your employees. Take this opportunity to train them and gain the expertise they need to manage EDR Servers.

Learn More about the EDR Server with Xcitium

Using an EDR Server means that your company can remove all vulnerabilities inside an endpoint. You will also know how to combat these threats in the future, especially when remote working is the new normal today. If you wish to learn more about the EDR Server, contact Xcitium now.

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