Many companies are equipped with endpoint detection and response (EDR) to protect their organizations against cyber threats. This pushes the industry to come up with more innovative EDR IT solutions that boast new features and services to intelligently detect and investigate threats.

While today's antivirus solutions can help identify and block new types of malware, hackers and other online predators are also capable of creating several issues, which are more difficult to detect using standard methods. For instance, there is a new file-less malware that is discovered to operate in a device's memory. This allows the malware to avoid signature scanners, making them harder to detect.

This is one of the main reasons why companies must ensure that they are getting the best out of their EDR IT solution.

What is EDR IT Security?

Also known as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR), EDR is an integrated endpoint security solution that allows organizations to monitor and collect endpoint data. Apart from this vital role, it also enables experts to analyze its collected data and respond accordingly.
With this unique ability, any organization equipped with EDR can detect and investigate suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints, providing the security team with an enhanced tool that can quickly identify and respond to threats.


  • Understand the collected data from endpoints that could bring threat to the entire system;
  • Monitor and analyze the data and be able to identify its threat patterns;
  • Respond to identified threats and remove or contain them;
  • Notify the security team about the collected data that could indicate a threat; and
  • Look for suspicious activities.

Having these vital features, EDR solutions play an important role in preventing and detecting several forms of endpoint attacks.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to know whether you are getting the right value from your EDR or not:

  • Can your EDR IT Solutions provide you with sufficient visibility and protection?
  • Can your EDR automatically detect and remediate a variety of endpoint threats?
  • Can your tool automatically investigate when it detects a possible threat, and act intelligently?


If your EDR cannot deliver these important functions, then you are not getting the most out of your money. Good thing, there are several ways to get more value from your EDR solution.


Running one security solution is not enough to keep an organization safe and secure against threats. IT experts know this very well, prompting them to run upwards of 45 security solutions and technologies. This makes their role a lot more complex than usual.
To make it easier for everyone, your EDR IT Solutions must be able to integrate several security tools. This also EDR IT helps you enjoy a more efficient solution, reducing time spent switching between different EDR IT tools.


To achieve greater accuracy and efficiency, your EDR IT Solutions must be able to see the exact period when a malicious file was first detected. This gives your EDR IT Solutions team better insights and advanced responses to protect your system against potential threats. Moreover, it will be a lot better if it could notify you every time it EDR IT Solutions discovers a new sample, and if it could add on-premises file scanning and investigation resources for improved EDR IT Solutions visibility.


EDR IT Solutions can provide you with more value if it can also deliver static analysis for additional context and accuracy. A static analysis engine also enables your EDR IT Solutions to use algorithms in evaluating and correlating large volumes of data, searching for patterns. Through this, it can investigate files or objects to see hidden malware. This EDR IT Solutions creates a database that can give you and your security team a deeper context and understanding of the threat, giving you more accurate insight.


An organization will feel more efficient and confident with an EDR tool if it can provide them with built-in privacy and access controls. Also, it will be added value if it features privacy controls that are designed for user-defined policies, like data uploads and file sharing. This is also the main reason why an EDR IT Solutions tool should be secure, private, and GDPR compliant.

Conclusion - EDR IT Solutions

As EDR IT Solutions security teams continue to face increasingly complex cyberattacks and threats, they now need more help to make their service more on-point and stronger than ever. This will start with gearing up your EDR IT Solutions with more enhanced features that will not only give extra value but will also ensure the safety of your organization against threats. If you are interested in adopting EDR IT solutions in your company, contact Xcitium now.

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