Cloud Based Endpoint Security

As the digital landscape continues to progress, so is the risk of cyberattacks, which has been foreseen to rise in the coming years. According to studies, cybercriminals could steal around 33 billion records on a yearly basis by 2023. This is an alarming number, especially if you’re running a business—regardless of the size.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners still don’t think much about securing their networks from virtual attacks until it’s too late. And in any cyber threat scenario, the endpoint is typically where the action is.

This is the reason why cloud based endpoint security is important, particularly since attackers can have more time to make use of sensitive data before you could even start to mitigate the damage.

What is Cloud Based Endpoint Security?

Any physical tool that can be connected via the Internet to your organization’s network is called an endpoint device. Put simply, it is the heart of your business. This includes, but not limited to, devices, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Desktop computers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • POS systems
Cloud Based Endpoint Security

The thing is, anything that your employees use to get technological tasks done and communicate with one another or share data can be vulnerable.

This is where cloud based endpoint security comes in.

Implementing robust cloud-based endpoint security ensures that all endpoint devices in your network are protected with certain levels of endpoint security and safety. It is oftentimes a part of an extensive cybersecurity program, which is now a requirement for small businesses and huge multinational corporations.

Telltale Signs that your Cloud Based Endpoint Security Needs to be Updated

Not long ago, all a business needed was a reliable endpoint security solution to keep the few endpoints that existed on-premises protected. Today, cloud based endpoint security still represents one of the most continuous branches of cybersecurity in use.

However, there’s now a strong need for endpoint solutions that could confront more than your company’s cybersecurity weaknesses. This is especially true if your company is among the businesses that took to the cloud and decentralized their endpoint presence.

What we’re saying is: your cloud based endpoint security needs balance now more than ever.

Instead of relying on legacy endpoint solutions “that have always worked before”, you need to update your endpoint security. So here are some of the signs that could tell you when it’s high time to do so:

Your Cloud Based endpoint security primarily relies on antivirus

Yes, endpoint antivirus solutions are a must if you want to protect your business’ valuable data but what you must know is that it barely covers the surface of hacker’s arsenals. Encountering cyber attacks from viruses that come from malicious websites still happen but it’s not always the only cause.

What you need is a real, next-generation cloud based endpoint security solution to protect your company from a constantly evolving threat landscape. This solution must include features (but not limited to):

You can no longer see all your Cloud Based endpoint security

You cannot secure something that you don’t know exists. That is why visibility forms the foundation of all great cloud based endpoint security.

This factor may not have posed a real problem when the only endpoints available were desktops but visibility is much harder to maintain these days. Here are two examples that leave visibility a mess:

  • Laptops and mobile devices logging in from different Wi-Fi connections; and
  • Switching between personal and corporate endpoints

This doesn’t even cover the wide range of problems that can arise with IoT devices and their limited firmware.

Remember: if you can no longer maintain visibility over all of your endpoints and their activities, then it’s time to update your endpoint security. EDR and endpoint management are some solutions that can help.

Your Cloud Based endpoint security doesn’t include email protection

Even before the impacts of COVID-19, email has always been an efficient and speedy medium to communicate and interact with other businesses, customers and employees.

Unfortunately, it is also a primary way for hackers to interact and attack your business, like with a phishing scheme.

Final Thoughts - Cloud Based Endpoint Security

If you don’t update your endpoint security and have the means to fight off the vast majority of these attacks, then the possibility of a detrimental cyberattack becomes a ticking clock.

A cloud based endpoint security solution is one of the most crucial aspects of any cybersecurity policy. It’s a vital aspect when it comes to deploying firewalls, tracking malware, ransomware, or cryptojacking threats, and even when removing them from corporate servers.

Keep in mind that endpoint security needs to extend accordingly to the cloud-based endpoint security. This is something legacy solutions can’t possibly do. If like so many other businesses during the pandemic, your company is transitioning to the cloud-based endpoint security, then you need a cloud based endpoint security solution that can keep up.

For your EDR needs, xcitium is simply a call away. Book an appointment with us today and let us help you figure out how to heighten your endpoint security.


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