Robust endpoint security solutions are a must in today’s ever-evolving digital world. However, security software that uses agents—like an antivirus program—can be a challenge for IT teams to manage. These tools require installation, upgrades, and continuous maintenance. The good news is, there are agentless endpoint security solutions nowadays that can help you safeguard your networks and fight off malicious attacks.

What is Agentless Endpoint Security?

Agentless endpoint security harnesses the power of cloud technology. It is a new, dynamic security solution that keeps track of organizations’ endpoints without the need for a physical agent or deployable monitoring protocol.

This is achievable because agentless endpoint security products are built on a whole different architecture that allows for a different approach to security in a virtualized environment. Instead of installing a copy of the security tool on each endpoint, a separate configured virtual appliance is dedicated to the task of managing the security software and keeping track of threats.

Agentless Endpoint Security

This dedicated virtual appliance is also known as a central authority. It is responsible for scouring all endpoints in an organization and implementing all actions on those endpoints. This is powered by push technology and on a centralized design.

Put simply, agentless endpoint security enables organizations to monitor one or more endpoints without having to install an agent. Automated updates are available and the tool is capable of running across different types of server platforms. Not to mention that notifications are also merged within a single interface. Last but not the least, agentless endpoint security can safeguard various endpoints across a number of densities without performance degradation.

Benefits of Agentless Endpoint Security

The problem with agent-based platforms is that they typically require more than one agent on each endpoint. This often leads to high endpoint overhead. Also, there could be an “agent conflict” as each agent would want to take control over the same endpoint resources.

The more agents you have, the more challenging it would be to keep all systems up and running. Agentless endpoint security, on the other hand, can be a great choice as it provides stronger security that is much more convenient to manage. This approach also has a lower total cost of ownership compared to agent-based solutions.

In addition to that, here are a few more reasons why agentless endpoint security can be a great consideration:

  • Agentless Endpoint Security Increases flexibility

    agentless endpoint security can function consistently across a range of different server systems. This includes physical to virtual to cloud-based platforms. If you are transitioning your data center, you can take advantage of this benefit even during the actual process.
  • Agentless Endpoint Security Improves return on investment
    agentless security deliver updates in real-time and can take on greater virtual machine densities per server system. This makes security costs go down and productivity rise up.
  • Seamless single interface management

    agentless endpoint security system is managed using a single web interface. This can be accessed wherever you are and provide you with a comprehensive image of ongoing security issues and actions.
  • IT cost savings

    an agentless approach is easy to deploy and manage, reducing the overall burden on the IT department and freeing up key IT personnel to work on other projects.
  • Advanced malware and virus protection

    agentless endpoint security operates in real-time via a virtual environment. This can provide you with instantaneous threat detection and system response across your entire data network.

Threats will always exist, especially in the technological world. However, with the right planning, tools, and responses, your company can run efficiently and securely.

Agentless endpoint security solutions safeguard your organization’s endpoints. Having secure, well-maintained security measures in place is critical.

In many ways, utilizing agentless endpoint security can help you to ultimately minimize costs, while increasing your network performance and improving security for all your endpoints.

Take a look at top-tier cloud computing service providers that are employing agentless endpoint security solutions for their virtualized environments. It’s a great contributing factor to their success.

If you’re looking for a complete endpoint security solution, Xcitium can help. We offer an exceptional endpoint security solution that comes with extensive threat hunting and expanded visibility features. Browse our website to know more about our offerings.

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