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Opportunities for local computer shops to represent Comodo.

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Are you a passionate Comodo software user? Then this is your chance to tell us about your local computer shop so we can get in touch with them about representing Comodo.

Are you a computer shop owner or IT solutions partner? Look at what our partners have to say. Then provide us your details and prosper just like they have.

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Mark Pugh This software is absolutely awesome. Best in class by miles! Great product and great support! Need I say more?

Heidi Rice I have tried many of the anti-virus programs out there, along with the spyware & malware programs. I was skeptical at first with the claims that Comodo made, but I figured I would give it a try. I am glad I did. It has not only helped keep my computer clean, but kept it free of viruses, malware, spyware & so on. Thank you so much for such an outstanding product!

Saqib T I'M A HUGE FAN - - Finally a product that not only works great on PC's but actually is far superior than the other products out there! COMODO you should receive a reward for actually protecting peoples' computers - two BIG thumbs up!

Chris Hull I have been using CIS for almost a year now and loving it. I love the fact that it does not slow down your system like other AV software, but can provide better protection. The other AV companies need to watch and learn :)

Sherwood Ensey Kudos to Comodo! I have been computing since the mid-60's, and on the net for 20+ years. I've used just about all of the security programs out there (after they became a necessity). Having had experience with three of the major security companies computer software that is available, Comodo has done the job for me when other programs could not, and has done so without being a resource hog, being expensive, or being problematic, like the others.

'Seun 'Wambe Daramola Thumbs up for affordable yet excellent security.

David L. Hamaker Better than Norton, McAfee and AVG put together. Comodo rocks my socks.

Andrew R. M. Manley Thank you Comodo, I won't ever use any other security product again.

James Chee East or West, Comodo is the best! Great detection, silent automatic updates and sleek feature!

Jesse James Thanks to Comodo, I have had NO computer problems for 3 years...I even tried infecting my computer with the worst malware out there...32 bit shell for the WIN!

Maikol Poulsakis I work in the security field and I can say that Comodo's products are the best out there. Thank you Comodo!

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