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CISO Blend Vol. 10

Webinar 10: Transitioning the Entire Cybersecurity Industry from Reactive to Proactive

Date: 29th June 2023

Time: 2 PM CDT

Host: Tim Bandos, EVP, SOC Services, Xcitium

Guest: Jared Winn, Cyber Security Consultant

It only takes an average of 82 seconds for an employee to take the bait and fall victim to an attacker’s malicious code, causing serious harm to your business. At this point, you would be reacting to an attack that has already taken place.

The results are in: here is the current state of the art in cybersecurity:

  • Customers spend $262 BILLION Annually on Cybersecurity – in excess of a quarter of a trillion dollars per year – and yet they are not protected – Breaches continue, daily.
  • Attackers enjoy an Average Dwell Time in Customer environments of 162 Days – this is MONTHS of attacker dwell time.
  • Accelerating Digital Transformations add complexity and more unprotected infrastructure attack surfaces.
  • Cybersecurity vendors are not obligated to reveal their actual detection rates! Absence of transparency means customers have no way of knowing how many threats have been allowed into their environment via missed or failed detections.
  • Security teams are overwhelmed by alert fatigue and false positives!
  • Adversaries are innovative, orchestrated, global, and lightning fast!
  • The industry norm is REACTIVE as opposed to PROACTIVE and protective!
  • A review of the types of PROACTIVE and PROTECTIVE solutions available today!
  • How pre-emptive, proactive virtualization technologies prevent attackers from accessing real assets and resources!
  • How cyber transparency will accelerate the transition from reactive to proactive cybersecurity and genuine protection!
  • Organizations with reactive detection technologies deployed can never consider themselves SECURE!
  • Proactive endpoint technology starts at the very beginning of the attack kill chain. This is how CISOs will save their organizations from breaches and ransoms!

Meet Your Host

Tim Bandos
Tim Bandos

Executive VP of Cybersecurity Services at Xcitium

Tim Bandos, is the Executive VP of Cybersecurity Services at Xcitium; delivering endpoint & network detection and response. An expert in incident response and threat hunting, he has over 18 years of experience in cybersecurity. Throughout his career, Bandos has expertly guided CISOs at major corporations on risk mitigation and cybersecurity best practices and has educated security professionals through speaking sessions at prestigious security conferences around the world, including RSA and Black Hat.

Meet Your CISO Blend Guest

Jared Winn
Jared Winn

Security Consultant

Jared Winn serves as a CISO to Mid-Market SaaS companies following their acquisition by private equity firm, Greater Sum Ventures in Knoxville, Tennessee. His experiences include active-duty military, network security engineer, and cyber security consultant.

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