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How Endpoint Management Tools Secure Organizations IT Networks?

A recent study by the Ponemon Institute reported that almost 68 percent of organizations experienced endpoint attacks that compromised complete IT infrastructure and organization crucial data. Therefore, more and more organizations are integrating endpoint management tools in their IT networks as they don’t want to pay the cost of cyber security.

And these tools are pretty essential because:

  • Employees connect their personal devices with your organization’s Wi-Fi.
  • It’s common for remote employees to use more than one device to connect with your organization.
  • Your network is exposed to more than one endpoint.

You can’t prevent new connections but what you can do is create a security shield.

Yes, antivirus and firewall are there. But cybercriminals have a way of exploiting them. So it would be best if you had more than an antivirus installed on all endpoints, and it’s when you think about an ultimate solution as EDR Security.

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How do Endpoint Management Tools Helps Organization in IT Network Security?

Once you integrate endpoint management into your system, here is how it secures your organization:

Complete Endpoint Data Visibility

Imagine having no endpoint product installed on any endpoint. Many devices connect with your system, and you have no idea about their activity or data. Hackers attack your network from an unsecured endpoint. And you don’t see this attack coming because no security shield can filter or contain threats or attacks. This attack can be ransomware, where you will pay ransom to unlock your IT network.

On the flip side, Endpoint management tools are installed on your system. A cyber security tool will screen the devices when a new device connects with your system. If any suspicious activities are in the file or an unauthorized device tries to interfere with your network then tools will keep that file in the containment system. They won’t let unauthorized and suspicious users to access your network. Security personnel will be alerted that someone is trying to access your system files.

An IT Engineer and other experts can detect an attack before it happens. The best thing about these tools is that no matter how many devices connect with a system, the IT team can get its info and detail from a centralized system.

Benefits of Endpoint Management Tools

This complete endpoint visibility is a big plus. It helps the IT team to contain and respond to a cyber threat and attack readily.

  1. Quick Management of IT Assets

Cybercriminals are always looking for loopholes and vulnerabilities in your system.

What if the license of an endpoint’s antivirus is expired?

Keep in mind that outdated software on an endpoint makes your organization vulnerable. Your system will be at risk of malware attacks, ransomware attacks or data breaches. In addition, out-of-date software is the perfect back door for an attacker to enter your system.

You can set an alert for outdated software and old-age hardware when you have all your endpoint data and activity visible at a centralized endpoint management system. As a result, it will become easy for you to keep track of your IT assets and plan for their replacement.

  1. Real-Time Threat Detection

When you avail of advanced Endpoint management services, you can enjoy real-time threat detection. IT team can track the activity of every endpoint. If there is unusual traffic or strange activity at an endpoint causing data abuse, then the team can readily identify a threat.

IT engineers are empowered through a centralized control system as soon as the attack goes live. They can isolate the attack by blocking the connection of affected endpoints. Information from endpoint management tools is a significant leverage that pays off well at the attack time.

  1. Endpoint Reporting

A comprehensive endpoint management system brings reports of every endpoint alongside complete network status. It’s easy to set threat alerts, so a quick alert can help the team initiate a threat management program if anything goes south on an endpoint.

Besides, the team can get complete reports such as how many endpoints are connected to the system; the status of every endpoint; how much bandwidth an endpoint is using, and similar info. All this information helps IT engineers control the complete IT network and keep it fully secure.

Wrap up - Endpoint Management Tools

An endpoint management system helps organization secure their multiple endpoints. As a result, it becomes easy for an IT team to close all the loopholes and prevent the entry of cyber criminals. When it comes to mitigating the risk, these tools become super effective. Whether you run a small or large business, it will block all the back entry doors for hackers.

Do you need comprehensive and advanced endpoint management tools for your organization? Then, it’s time to connect with the Xcitium security team. Our experts will set up the whole system and help you employ a proactive cybersecurity approach to keep your network as secure as possible.

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