What is Endpoint Behavior Analysis?

Malware remains one of the biggest cyber threats for every organization.

Sonic Wall reported that, on average, 1500 new malware was discovered every day in 2023. Security teams will find out about 27000 new variants in the first half of 2023.

Antivirus is effective in dealing with known threats and viruses. But organizations must make the most of endpoint behavior analysis tools when identifying new threats.

The question is, what is endpoint behavior analysis, and how can it protect your organization against ever-increasing cyber threats, aka malware? Let's continue reading and learn more about it.

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What is Endpoint Behavior Analysis?

Your organization's network has multiple endpoints, such as laptops, tablets, desktops, IoT devices, workstations, servers, etc. These endpoints are connected to your business system every minute.

Many remote workers are accessing your system as well. These endpoints are the favorite entry points of cyber criminals. If you don't use any endpoint security tools, these endpoints are vulnerable and often become the back door for threat actors.

Endpoint behavior analysis is a technology that monitors all endpoints to detect and prevent cyber-attacks continuously. Your organization might already have security solutions like firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion detection systems. But, still, it needs an extra layer of protection in the form of endpoint behavior analysis, which will identity malicious activity on your endpoints before it can cause severe damage.

Do you know Ransomware cost the world $20 billion in 2021? And this number will be boosted to $265 billion by 2031.

If you don't want to become a victim of malware or ransomware attacks, you should invest money in an endpoint behavior analysis tool- Endpoint Detection and Response EDR.

How Does Endpoint Behavior Analysis Work?

Endpoint behavior analysis tools are integrated with machine learning, big data, Artificial intelligence and analytics technologies. They monitor all the activities across the endpoint. And later analyze the difference in normal daily activities.

Machine learning algorithms can easily detect suspicious behaviors such as large file downloads or login to your system during off-business hours. It can detect activity with malicious intent.

You should know that all malicious attacks behave differently than normal daily activities in your network or system. Thereby, it becomes easy for a security analyst to differentiate malware from routine activity. Malware act differently in your system. Well-known malware attacks are usually identified through their signature patterns and behaviors.

But the problem is threat actors keep changing their attacks' techniques, tactics, and procedures TTPs. These changes let them move undetected in your business system and easily enter vulnerable environments.

Thanks to endpoint behavior analysis tools like Xcitium EDR, you won't let attackers wander freely inside your system or exploit vulnerabilities.

Today, security personnel rely on EDR, which helps them use behavior-based techniques, algorithms and machine learning to run a scan on the massive volume of unfiltered endpoint data.

They can quickly determine what is an everyday activity or what is not. With the mean of endpoint behavior analysis, a security team can gain visibility of unexpected behavior tactics of attackers before they execute a cyber attack inside your system.

Benefits of Endpoint Behavior Analysis for Your Organizations

Malware attacks are on the rise, and your organization needs to secure your vulnerable endpoints. And it's where endpoint behavior analysis tool such as Xcitium EDR fits the picture perfectly.

Optimal Visibility

When you have an endpoint behavior analysis tool in place, all the endpoints on your business network will remain visible. You can keep an eye on what's happening on your endpoints. If there is any malicious activity, Xcitium EDR sends alerts to security teams so they can manage these potential risks. Threat actors won't be able to hide inside your remote devices. As soon as there is malicious activity, the security team would know what endpoint is under attack. This optimal visibility into endpoints lets your organization deals with threats quickly.

Thanks to Endpoint behavior analysis, security teams can easily zoom into all the anomalies outside the parameters of everyday activities. They can unwrap the root cause of this anomaly and quickly patch a vulnerable endpoint. This analysis helps them identify future attacks and prevent them from causing any devastating effects.

Boost Work Productivity and Efficiency

Another plus point of Endpoint behavior analysis is you can keep an eye on the employee activities across endpoints.

Almost 60 percent of security breaches happen due to insider threats.

An attack may happen due to employee negligence or error. When you have an EDR system, it keeps an eye on your employees' activities. If they use non-work related websites, the system will flag the user for not abiding by organizational policies and procedures.

The employee will stay alert that you monitor their activities, and they focus more on work and less on non-work related websites. You can boost employee efficiency and productivity rate while keeping your endpoints well-secured.

Final Thoughts

Endpoint behavior analysis tools help your organization prevent cyber attacks by monitoring suspicious behavio across your network. It lets you detect threats before it turns out to be the biggest problem of your life

Do you need a powerful endpoint behavior analysis to create a robust defence against malware? It's time to get Xcitium EDR- this endpoint boosts your employee efficiency and empower your security team to detect and respond to threat on time while ensuring compliance with organizational policies.

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