Why Xcitium Endpoint Security is the Best EDR Solution?

What is the Best EDR Solution?

Best EDR Solution Remote working has become a trend in global business after the pandemic. On one side where employees are enjoying this new work culture; on another side, businesses are paying the cost in the form of data breaches. And the best way to avoid this cost is to install the Best EDR Solution.

Fortunately, the Best EDR Solution market unlocks tons of options for Endpoint security. Some are super effective, while others are nothing but an extra bill, which you should avoid. Best EDR Solution Comparison of these options takes hours. Save your time and learn all about Xcitium Endpoint Security Solution. It is the best EDR option available in the market.

Best EDR Solution Features:

Are you wondering why? Here are five features of Xcitium EDR that helps this software stand out in the market.

#1 Continuous Threat Monitoring: Best EDR Solution

Your cyber Best EDR Solution security team can't stay active 24/7, but Xcitium EDR indeed can. It's a proactive EDR solution that monitors all the endpoints connected to your network. This Best EDR Solution's continuous monitoring makes it easy for you to identify threats fast and initiate a response immediately.

Advanced search capabilities for file hashes and Best EDR Solution detection

Xcitium best EDR Solution

#2 Best EDR Solution Real-Time Visibility:

When you install the Xciutum Best EDR Solution protection tool in your business network, your security analyst enjoys real-time visibility into your network.

It's the Best EDR Solution easy to know what's happening on an endpoint, and keeping an eye on suspicious activities becomes impossible.

Many small business owners think that an antivirus offers a good amount of Best EDR Solution protection against viruses and malware.

While antivirus is only 50 percent effective in detecting viruses and cyber attacks

Businesses face known and unknown threats from different kinds of cyber threats, such as stealth viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, ransomware, double extortion ransomware, doxing, business email compromise, credential stuffing, and much more.

Do you know that stealth virus remains undetected by your Best EDR Solution antivirus software? Yes, it's true. This virus has a brilliant architecture that makes it impossible for the computer's system to identify threats in the network.

Any virus that tries to avoid detection by antivirus software is considered a stealth virus. A stealth virus has an intelligent architecture, making it difficult to eliminate it from a computer system.

Spyware is a computer program installed on your device with or without permission. It Best EDR Solution is a spy for cybercriminals that keeps track of your browsing habits and activities. And it sends all confidential information to the remote user, and you have no idea about its presence and all spy activities.

In 2021, 18.6% of small businesses experienced Data breaches where unauthorized parties accessed confidential and private information.

Your business needs a better security solution than an antivirus; It's where Xcitium Best EDR Solution fits in the picture. It Best EDR Solution provides visibility across all endpoints; cyber analysts can check where exactly the problem is, and this high amount of visibility allows them to nip the evil in the bud as soon as possible.

#3 Compatible With other Best EDR Solution Security Tools:

A business doesn't need to get rid of all other cyber security tools for installation of Xcitium Best EDR Solution. in fact, this Endpoint Detection and Response system is super compatible with other endpoint security tools. Regardless of what security tool you employ for endpoints, EDR by Xcitium will add an extra security layer.

#4 Create Your Custom Best EDR Solution Security Policy:

Every business has different security threats and requirements. A Best EDR Solution security policy of one business might not work for another. Xcitium brings the best EDR solution because your business can customize a policy based on your security requirements.

A Best EDR Solution policy specifics some events where the software will generate alerts for your security team. It's easy to manage EDR policies and define specific rules for 7 event categories. A default policy will set an alert if you run a small business and don't want to specify policies.

#5 Best EDR Solution offers Quick Investigation and Threat Detection:

A security analyst can start the investigation if your security teams get an alert. The process is quite simple. Investigating an event based on event type, hash value, or computer is easy. For example, you can query events from a specific device or browser.

In addition, the Best EDR Solution analyst can further review an event based on a process timeline- that lets the Best EDR Solution analyst check all the processes generated by the event 30 minutes before and after an event occurs.

This Best EDR Solution system sends alerts, identifies threats, and lets the Best EDR Solution security team analyze every event from start to end. This extensive level of investigation offers visibility into all endpoints, and it becomes easy to identify loopholes and vulnerabilities. The security team can understand when and how the event affected endpoints.

Swift investigation and Best EDR Solution threat detection allow your business to neutralize the threat and avoid three severe consequences of Best EDR Solution cyber attacks such as:

  • Losing Business Finances
  • Breaking consumer trust
  • Dealing with legal penalties.
How to Choose the Best EDR Solution?

With so many EDR options, selecting the Best EDR Solution for your organization can be complex. Here are some essential elements to consider when looking for the Best EDR Solution:

1. Detection and response in real-time: The Best EDR Solution's primary purpose is to detect and respond to cyber attacks in real-time. Look for the Best EDR Solution that can detect and respond to threats in real-time while generating no substantial delays or interruptions in your organization's operations.

2. Behavioral analysis and machine learning capabilities: Traditional antivirus software detects known threats using signature-based detection. Advanced cyber threats, on the other hand, can be challenging to identify and may lack a signature. As a result, it is critical to select the Best EDR Solution that employs behavioural analysis and machine learning skills to detect and respond to modern cyber threats.

3. Centralized management and reporting: Managing and reporting on various endpoints can be challenging. As a result, the Best EDR Solution must include centralized management and reporting features to let your IT staff manage and monitor endpoints across your organization.

4. Integration with existing security solutions: Your Best EDR Solution should be able to integrate with existing security solutions such as firewalls, SIEM, and vulnerability management tools. This will assist you in establishing a consistent security posture across your organization, making it easier to manage and respond to cyber-attacks.

5. Ease of use and a user-friendly interface: Your IT team will administer and monitor your Best EDR Solution. As a result, choosing a user-friendly and simple-to-use solution with an intuitive interface that only necessitates short training is critical.

6. Vendor support and service level agreements (SLAs): Cyber attacks can emerge at any moment, so having a dependable vendor who can provide 24/7 help when needed is critical. As a result, choosing the Best EDR Solution supplier who provides rigorous SLAs and dedicated support is vital.

7. Cost-effectiveness: The Best EDR Solution can be expensive, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Look for the Best EDR Solution with all the required features and capabilities without breaking the bank.

Finally, choosing the Best EDR Solution for your organization necessitates careful consideration of several factors such as real-time detection and response, behavioral analysis and machine learning capabilities, centralized management and reporting, integration with other security solutions, user-friendly interface, vendor support and SLAs, and cost-effectiveness. You can ensure that your organization is appropriately protected from advanced cyber threats by considering these variables and selecting the Best EDR Solution from a reliable vendor that can provide the necessary support and service.

Wrap up - Best EDR Solution

You can't imagine how bad a Best EDR Solution cyber attack can be, especially ransomware- Many enterprises shut down in the past years due to different cyber attacks

Do you want to save your business from cyber threats? If yes, install the best EDR Solution like Xcitum, and keep your operation up and running.


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